Tobias Vannay
Tobias Vannay



This video clip of the song « Sirens » from Fleurie talks about the loss of someone that we love, and the desire to meet them again. We wanted to show that the experience is subjective and therefor the video is open to interpretation.


  • Year: 2020
  • Softwares: Premiere Pro, After Effect
  • Project: School work

This fictive film’s opener is a project for the Art Culture and Creation class. It is inspired by chiaroscuro’s codes to represent the art of lighting from the painting to photography.


This short movie is a thriller telling the story of a man standing face to face with his sister’s murderer. The dark colorimetry as well as the music allows to create a mysterious atmosphere.

F+F Behind the scene

  • Year: 2020
  • Softwares: Premiere Pro, After Effect

This behind the scene aims to show the atmosphere of the photo shooting for F+F Studio. Photographer: Adrien Pilet


This commercial video aims to showcase the creative possibilities of the Toblerone chocolate. In addition to being a technical challenge, the slow-motion provides a new viewpoint on certain culinary gestures.


The challenge of this experimental clip was to make a number of shots of a single object, with the lighting as well as the rotation inspired by luxury codes.

Le Dragon

  • Year: 2019
  • Softwares: Premiere Pro, After Effect
  • Mandate: Ficticious

This advertising spot aims to promote the crowdfunding of the Fribourg’s local currency. Iconics objects are highlighted with studio lighting, providing the viewers with a new perspective of those elements that they know so well. Discover the website